Here are resources that may help you organize your lessons!

Useful Links
Staff Paper
Here you can find blank sheet music and other useful resources for your student.

Flash Cards & Miscellaneous
This website has great teaching aids such as flash cards, games, and others to make teaching fun and easy!

Sheet Music (1) (2)
These two great sites have free piano sheet music. The first is mostly popular music, and the second is the largest collection of classical sheet music on the internet, completely legal! Just about every classical piece you can think of is on there!

Teaching Tips
Your First Lesson
Check out this link if you need any tips on how to prepare for your first lesson. This form was handed out during Volunteer Orientation at the beginning of the semester.

French Musical Terms
This link is for our French volunteers. Learnt all your piano terms in English? No problem, check out this page for the translated terms!