Program Directors

shanilShanil Wijesinghe
Year/Program: U3 Economics
Hobbies: Piano, chess, swimming
Favourite Piano Piece: Consolation no. 3, by Liszt

emilyEmily Huang
Year/Program: U2 Philosophy & Environmental Studies
Hobbies: Reading, being outside, baking
Favourite Piano Piece: Papillons Op. 2, by Robert Schumann

Executive Members

Jessica Karaguesian
Finance Director

connieConnie Li
Pedagogy Director (Volunteers)
Year/Program: U2 Neuroscience
: Running and writing
Favourite Piano Piece
: Sonata in b minor S. 178, by Listz

Stanley Li
Pedagogy Director (Students)
Year/Program: U3 Kinesiology
Hobbies: Playing piano, gymming, chilling
Favourite Piano Piece: Piano Concerto No. 3, by Sergei Rachmaninoff

George Wu Teng
Schulich School of Music Facilitator

Charlotte Ebsary
Volunteer Coordinator (Champlain)

yifanYifan Ling
Volunteer Coordinator (St. Gabriel)
Year/Program: U3 Pharmacology
Hobbies: Skiing, reading, hockey (Go Sens), and music
Favourite Piano Piece: Moonlight & Pathétique Sonatas, by Beethoven, Waltz Op. 64 No. 2, by Chopin

Zach Ripka
Volunteer Coordinator (Barthélemy-Vimont)
Year/Program: U1 geography
Hobbies: Biking, reading
Favourite Piano Piece: Ce Qu’a Vu le Vent d’Ouest, by Debussy

Leah Liu
Volunteer Coordinator (Edward Murphy School)
Year/Program: U2 Anatomy and Cell Biology
Hobbies: Music, eating, sleeping, reading
Favourite Piano Piece: Arabesque No. 1, by Claude Debussy


Fundraising Committee
Finance Director, Fundraising and Sponsorship Coordinators

MHCPP’s fundraising committee is composed of 3 members; two Fundraising and Sponsorship Coordinators who work under the Finance Director to establish and maintain relationships with sponsors; and on fundraising projects that help to finance activities such as our Winter festival, teaching workshops and our annual year-end recital. Money raised is also allocated to equipment that include keyboards, headphones, music books, and other equipment which we supply to the schools. As a non-profit organization, our funding mainly comes from event-based fundraising, food sales and in part from private donors.

Pedagogy Committee

The pedagogy committee oversees the practice of teaching and learning. We provide resources such as workshops and sheet music to the volunteers. At the end of every semester, the committee also organizes a festival to celebrate the achievements of our students and our volunteers